13th NOVEMBER 2018

LAZZARI sawing and drilling combined solutions for rails and profile layers

Lazzari has developed its own technology for simultaneous long steel products sawing and drilling.

13th JULY 2018

LAZZARI’s fully automatic Pipe end LEAK TESTER to be integrated in OCTG finishing lines

The LAZZARI Leak Testing machine is used in the pipemill industry to test the connection of the pipe end with its coupling by water pressure up to 1350 bar.

18th JUNE 2018

New fully automatic & quick cycle long double drifter

LAZZARI has designed and built a fully automated machine to speed up the inner pipe testing with an in-line finishing operation, suitable for small diameters as well.

11th APRIL 2018

TenarisBayCity’s customized finishing API casing line #1.

Tenaris appointed LAZZARI to manage all the steps of the project: design, manufacturing, subcontractor coordination, shipments, erection and commissioning.

7th NOVEMBER 2017

Innovative feature on coupling make-up machines

Lazzari - Officine meccaniche has realized a new feature on its COUPLING MAKE-UP MACHINE aimed to automatically detect the shoulder torque and position of a coupling make-up premium connection.